Housekeeper Reykjavik Peace Center

Housekeeper Reykjavik Peace Center

Looking for a housekeeper for the Reykjavik Peace Center guesthouse (Orlofshús Friðar 2000). This is a part-time job for someone that is living nearby or a person that would have accommodation in the house and exclusive use of one of the rooms.

The house has 3 kitchens, several lounges, library and reading areas. Perfect place for someone working from home. Suitable for a single person or a couple but not a family with children. This is a part time job, rooms are attended around noon after guests departing that day have checked out and before new guests arrive. We use self service check-in so guests can arrive any time using key codes.

The housekeeper is an independent contractor (verktaki) and is paid a fixed fee pr. check-in for looking after the house including cleaning house and rooms, changing bedsheets, managing the online reservation system and guest relations. English language is essential.

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